Speaking Details

Travis speaks for 40 minutes followed by a Q&A.

Presentation topics include:

  • Corporate
    • Being your best at your profession should always be one of your primary motivating factors
    • Professional challenges, chosen or not, should be viewed as new opportunities
    • Your ability to find solutions in times of adversity are defining moments
    • Staying motivated in your job requires setting goals and implementing incentives
    • Attitude is about perspective… how you choose to look at things
  • Schools/Universities
    • Who you are at the core is really what helps you through life’s challenge
    • Having a passion will drive you to do great things
    • Taking pride in everything you do makes almost anything possible
    • Having a positive attitude will bring you through some of the most difficult days of your life
    • How to be compassionate of inclusivity of all individuals, disability or not


  • Audio visual equipment to show two (2) videos
  • Lavalier wireless microphone
  • Wheelchair accessible venue

Eleven Seconds:

  • Opportunity to have Travis bring copies of his book and sign them for those who wish to purchase them.
  • The books are $25.00 each unless purchased in a large quantity (50+). These can be purchased in advance and sent directly to you if you wish.
His message is one of hope, hard work, following your dreams, and persevering through some incredibly difficult times. He relates to students well and made a very positive impact that students spoke about in the following days and weeks.
Paul Bickford
Principal, Oxford Hills Middle School
“Travis’ ability to captivate the group was evident from the moment he began speaking. He was raw, real and his ability to use his lessons of overcoming obstacles and challenges that can align with all aspects of life was striking.”
Rachael Cecilio, Office Manager, HireClix LLC
“Your presentation was impactful, candid and a perfect way to start the last day of our conference.”
Rebecca Algren-Bedics
Associate Director of Educational Affairs, NCAA