Reactions & Testimonials

"Your generosity in sharing yourself with complete transparency was an experience unmatched in my lifetime. For you to provide such an open and honest window to your heart, mind and soul is beyond impressive-it is a profound stimulus to spiritual growth for anyone who is fortunate to hear you speak. You are a GREAT speaker. Your story, message, timing and humor all come across absolutely wonderfully and powerfully."
David Minot
Morgan Stanley Smith Barney

“Travis captures his audience by making them think, inspires them to take on new challenges and accept any challenges that may be forced upon them, and most importantly encourages us to give back and have meaning in your life.”
Marybeth Celorier & Claire Marie Wheeler
Association of Legal Administrators

“Your presentation was impactful, candid and a perfect way to start the last day of our conference.”
Rebecca Algren-Bedics
Associate Director of Educational Affairs

“I'm a top producer within MetLife and have been to a lot of events over the years. I must say that Travis' presentation was by far the most inspiring.”
David Anctil,
Financial Services Representative, MetLife

“Your message has been echoing in my ears all day. Part of your fate, I believe, is to convey that all important message that any challenge, no matter how insurmountable it may seem, can be overcome with intense will and passionate conviction… that our attitude does ultimately influence our conclusions about the world.”
Rob McMaster

“Using piercing honesty, vivid memories, and an incredible sense of humor, drives the message of perseverance and hope that is powerful and thought-provoking. You can’t help but walk out of the room thinking, "I can do anything if I try hard enough.”
Rich Caturano
President & CEO, Caturano & Company

“Thank you so very much for being a part of our Eastern Regional Meeting in New York City…the attendees were moved and inspired by your story. Over 60% gave you a score of "5" a out of a possible "5". That is exceptional!”
Jim Lavold
Director of Meetings, Northwestern Mutual

“In my 27 years at Far Hills, no speaker (and we have had many!!) has had this effect on the students. They really resonated with him and the way he expressed his struggles, fears, vulnerabilities, which of course is what early adolescents deal with. It was a genuine, real connect. It was magic.”
Jayne Geiger,
Head of School
Far Hills Country Day School


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