Travis Roy Foundation

travis roy foundation

The Travis Roy Foundation was established in 1997 by Travis and his family. The goal of the Foundation is to improve the lives of spinal cord injured survivors and to fund research into a cure. Inspired by Travis's own story, the lifeblood of the Travis Roy Foundation has been the generosity of individuals, corporations, and foundations across North America. This generosity has made an immediate impact on the lives of many individuals with spinal cord injuries.

A portion of the money raised by the Travis Roy Foundation goes toward adaptive equipment. These grants help spinal cord injured survivors purchase wheelchairs, voice-activated computers, or simple home modifications. For someone with a spinal injury, having the right wheelchair can mean the difference between feeling hopelessly insufficient and being independent. These grants are not only a relief to the spinal cord injured person, but also help relieve the physical and emotional strain on their family and friends.

The Travis Roy Foundation also funds cutting-edge research. It is the wish of paralyzed people that one day their wheelchairs will no longer be needed. For researchers and scientists the most important question is basic: how can an injured spinal cord be regenerated? Researchers are working tirelessly to determine how cells in the central nervous system communicate with one another, but the research is expensive. The more money we raise, the sooner a cure will be found.

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"It alters your angle of regard to know there is in fact, a family of man. To know the generous side of human nature, the fine, unselfish side, is around us all the time, waiting to emerge when the need is truly there." - Travis Roy