Travis Roy as a Speaker

Travis Roy enjoys speaking to all audiences, from the corporate setting to students of all ages. He has a unique ability to quickly connect with his audience no matter what profession or age.

As Travis states in his presentation, "In life there are times when we choose our challenges and other times when the challenges simply choose us. The question is whether we conquer the challenges life presents us, or surrender to them." Travis takes his audience on an emotional journey that will leave each person reflecting on their past, present and future. He helps people recognize what is important in life and inspires them to get the most out of it.

“Travis possesses a rare gift -- he captures a room as he describes what he has experienced, how he faces his challenges and how he continues to be goal oriented and uniquely focused. Although moved by his circumstances, you cannot help but leave inspired, re-energized and asking yourself if you can be more productive; help others; live a better life.”
Marybeth Celorier & Claire Marie Wheeler
Association of Legal Administrators

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